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How To Clear Your Mind

Clearing your mind is a way to stop worrying about something – giving you the ability to think and focus with higher clarity. A clear mind will be unobscured by negativity. And allow you to sleep with the conflicts of the day resolved.

Knowing how to put this into practice can also help with depression, anxiety, and other health issues. See how to clear your mind here…

Effective Mind-Clearing Techniques

How to clear your mind of negative thoughts

Distraction is one of the key factors to occupy your mind as you concentrate or meditate. An effective way to conquer distraction and negative thinking is to train your mind to focus on a single object that you choose. This way you prevent compulsive habits that take your attention on things you do not want to focus upon. If you are unable to train your mind using the techniques below, it is worth attending a yoga or meditation training where experienced teachers can guide you to reach this state effectively.

How to clear your mind for meditation

Research has shown that meditation changes the brain – improving the functional connectivity and producing vigorous effects in behaviour. True meditation has astounding benefits including stress elimination and pain reduction.

There are techniques you can use to clear your mind by eliminating the sense of time – stilling your eyes by focusing on a still object about three metres away. Dim your conscious mind as you continue to focus until the time begins to slow. Concentrate completely until you feel ready to relax.

Breathing is a vital part of meditation – and mastering different breathing techniques will help you attain the open-minded clarity that comes with transcendence.

The complete breath is achieved by standing up straight and exhaling completely. Relax your stomach muscles and fill your stomach with air. Keep breathing to expand your chest and rib cage.

Fight the instinct to exhale just for a moment. Exhale as slowly as you can and feel the air moving out of your lips. Relax your chest and rib cage and tighten your stomach to remove any remaining air. Close your eyes and concentrate on breathing normally, clearing your mind.

You can learn to deepen your meditation skills by relaxing your body completely – tensing and releasing until your body is totally relaxed as you descend into mindlessness. Make an effort to remain completely still – eliminating sensation and response from your brain. Let your breathing flow naturally – focus on your awareness and then remove it.

How to clear your mind before bed

Sleep time and quality can be boosted by relaxation strategies that incorporate mindfulness. Yoga, deep breathing, and mediation all fall into this category. Creating a pre-sleep routine is extremely beneficial – and recording your thoughts in writing can help you achieve a sense of accomplishment.

If you write down any concerns on a piece of paper and then throw it away this has proven to lessen the things that are bothering you. and releasing your anxieties through sketching can be a powerful way to clear your mind.

How to clear your mind to sleep

Release tension from your body to let go of stressful thoughts in your mind. Lie down and allow your body to go limp. Take a deep breath and exhale. Then squeeze and release one section of your body at a time – starting with your toes and ending with your forehead. Enjoy the clarity and relaxation.

Ease your thoughts by placing a hand on your heart to feel the rhythm. Breathe in deeply for four seconds, then take a long, slow breath out. Repeat this pattern until you feel your heartbeat slow and your mind clear.

You can use meditation techniques to calm your mind on demand – over time you’ll be able to meditate for longer periods – and embrace different forms of meditation including mantra and zen practices.

How to clear your mind and focus

You can calm your mind by using a mantra – a simple phrase or word that you repeat to reduce activity in the brain that’s responsible for self-judgement and reflection. Focusing only on the mantra will help clear your mind.

And focusing on the present will help you accept and let go of the things in your life that you’re unable to control. You can remain aware of the past and what may happen in the future – but concentrating on the now is the most important.

How to clear your mind to study

Discussing your concerns with another person can help alleviate some of the stress prior to your exams – and make you feel happier. You can share with family and friends, or consider talking to a therapist. Your pet can also lower your blood pressure and any risk of depression – making it easier for you to concentrate.

Taking a break from constant studying will help clear your mind as separation from the action will help your mind let go – lifting your mood and breaking the stress. Just five minutes of physical activity such as fast walking or running will do. Physical activity is a recognised way of aiding physiological ailments and soothing disorders.

Follow this by two minutes of silence by blocking out any stimuli such as your computer or phone. Focus on your calm as you’re alone with yourself – and when the quiet is over you’ll be cool and clear.

How to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts

Unwanted thoughts have the quality of being obsessive and compulsive. The more we try to run from them, to suppress them, to distract ourselves, they find ways to come back, each time in a stronger and more invasive manner.

Escapism and distraction can help as temporary fixes to clear the mind of unwanted or negative thoughts, but it is not a permanent solution. Working with a spiritual teacher and/or a qualified therapist can be a very effective way to find the cause of such a thought or behavior pattern. Once the source or the cause has been addressed, it is much easier to find a permanent way to turn off the unwanted thoughts by making the necessary change in your source behavior.

Find Your State of Harmony

The Spirit Vine ayahuasca retreats in Brazil have workshops and activities that are designed to help you find the source of obstacles and unwanted patterns. The outcome of investing your time and energy in a 10 day getaway in nature while you focus on yourself can be a very powerful way to clear your mind.

The ayahuasca ceremonies have the potential to help you achieve the clarity of mind that you’re striving for. With comfortable accommodation provided in a beautifully landscaped setting in the verdant Atlantic forest – you’ll find time to enjoy the beauty of the jungle. And participate in techniques taught in the workshops to clear your mind and reconnect with your own power.

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