Engenhoca Beach

Engenhoca Beach surfer’s guide – the one you’ve been looking for

Engenhoca Beach is, as they say, small but perfectly formed. Most visitors can’t help but say just how beautiful the area is – and the picturesque stroll from the road to the beach, passing through rainforest and along an ocean cliff path, will prepare you well for this stunning slice of tropical paradise.

Praia Engenhoca is a surfer’s beach too. Home to a number of the local area’s longboarders and just-starters, it takes a little bit more effort to reach than somewhere like Tiririca – which is very close to town, very consistent and very, very popular.

But Engenhoca also offers very consistent waves and they tend to be longer and gentler than their counterparts at Tiririca. Plus, the natural beauty of the area really needs to be seen…

Engenhoca Beach – surfer’s guide

You can surf at Engenhoca around 280 days a year or more. The best season is between September and May. You’ll need about a meter of swell before the surf is really up.

The conditions are usually very consistent throughout this time. The left and right beach-breaking waves here have been described as “longer and more mellow” than you’ll find at other popular local surf hotspots.

Wave size – as small as 0.3 meters and as high as 2 meters.

Ride length – between 70 and 280 meters.

Best conditions – with a north-east wind and any tide.

Surf skill level requirement

Most people would rate Engenhoca as an easy, beginner-level beach to surf at. There’s a channel on the left-hand side which allows easy paddling in and out, though the rocks on the right-hand side present a hazard that you should be aware of.

As well as this, several local surf schools use this beach as a place to teach their classes as the shape of the bay protects it from much of Itacaré’s summer wind.

Local facilities

There aren’t really any facilities at Praia Engenhoca and, for most people, this is part of its appeal. It tends to be a lot quieter than other local surf-famous beaches, in large part due to it taking a small amount of effort to reach.

There is, however, a small family business at the back of the sands selling some of Itacaré’s delicious tapiocas – these savoury snacks might possibly be comparable to light but scrumptious calzone and should definitely be tried – as well as fresh fruit, drinks and coconut water.

How to get to Engenhoca Beach

The trail to the beach starts around 12 kilometres from Itacaré on the road to Ilhéus. You’ll need to get down there, probably by taxi or the local bus, but if you drive there is parking available.

Once you’ve gotten there though, your adventure begins. The walk to the beach only takes about 20 minutes – or less if you’re really fit and in a hurry – but it’s truly one of the most beautiful scenic trails you will find anywhere in the world.

The beach is situated in an area of private property, so no vehicles are allowed in. Plus, the walk itself passes through both tropical jungle and a cliff path which offers an ocean panorama. It’s worth it for the view and experience alone.

Praia Engenhoca – a hidden surfing gem

Engenhoca’s lightly concealed location makes it a real gem which not everyone visiting the local area will bother to see. This is a shame for them, but a positive bonus for everyone else as it keeps the beach’s popularity at very manageable levels.

Even people who are visiting Itacaré for reasons completely unrelated to surfing, such as visiting the Spirit Vine Center or investigating the stunning rainforest, will want to take in Engenhoca and its surroundings. Most people who have been on an ayahuasca retreat in Brazil comment on how it makes them feel more connected with nature, and Engenhoca’s truly amazing environs are the perfect place to explore that feeling further.

If you’re a beginner surfer, keen longboarder or someone searching for a generally more peaceful spot to paddle out, this is the Itacaré beach for you.

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