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Dr. Nader Butto with Silvia Polivoy

Ayahuasca: Spiritual Causes of Physical Symptoms

Silvia Polivoy interviews Dr. Nader Butto from Israel, a physician specializing in cardiology and author of the book Unified Integrative Medicine. He has created a 6 level training course “Spiritual Dimension and Psychiatric Disturbances”. For the last level he brings his students to drink ayahuasca at the Spirit Vine retreat center in Brazil every year.

Both Dr. Butto and Silvia have integrated techniques in their respective field with information they channeled through ayahuasca over several decades. This has resulted in programs and retreats that effectively allow participants to connect with their higher self and gain a deeper understanding of their true essence.

Watch the full interview below and learn how the causes for physical symptoms originate in the spiritual or psychological dimensions, the safe use of ayahuasca, the importance of the right set and setting, how to prepare for ayahuasca, and how to get the most out of the experience.

This is the first video in a series of interviews.

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Dr. Butto has been working with ayahuasca for over 15 years and has integrated eastern and western techniques into a program which is accredited by the Italian government. In this program he trains doctors and therapists from various modalities to go beyond the physical realm and use a more holistic approach to diagnose and treat their patients. The first 5 levels are conducted over several countries in Europe and for the last level they come to Spirit Vine to drink ayahuasca. The goal of this last level is to work on their dark side in order to reach the light.

Silvia Polivoy, Ph. D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been specializing in modified states of consciousness for over 3 decades through various methods. She has worked extensively with ayahuasca over the last 20 years in Peru and Brazil. She started hosting ayahuasca retreats in 1996 and later on she co-founded the Spirit Vine center in Bahia, Brazil where she hosts ayahuasca retreats every month with the purpose of spiritual development. During the retreats Silvia facilitates workshops where she teaches techniques  on how to recover the connection with the source by removing blockeges and reactivating the power within.

Some of her workshops during the retreats are:

Regression to childhood, Soul retrieval, Spirit releasement, Connecting with the higher self, Past life regressions or future life progressions, and Life between lives…

Group sharing sessions during the retreat help to integrate the insights gained in ceremonies and to apply the information in everyday life.

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