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The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Blog has articles about  safe practices, spirituality, integrating the ayahuasca experience, and other relevant topics. The blog will also cover many of the techniques that we teach during the retreats. We intend to provide information that will assist people on their spiritual path and in their journey with ayahuasca.

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Spirit Vine is a trans-denominational ayahuasca retreat center open to people from all over the world who are looking for a safe ayahuasca retreat experience.

Blog Articles

Theory of mind

What Is Theory Of Mind And How Does It Help Us To Understand Others?

What is theory of mind and why is it important in understanding others? The term theory of mind was first used by David Premack – a US psychologist – in a famous article he wrote on experiments conducted on a chimpanzee called Sarah. Theory of mind has become a term frequently used by psychologists to define an extensive range of

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Collective Consciousness

What Is Collective Consciousness?

What is collective consciousness? The term is a fundamental concept that denotes a set of shared beliefs within a social group or society. It even extends to a species of beings such as the entire human collective, or specific animals, plants or the whole plant kingdom. This encompasses ideas, attitudes and knowledge. It’s the key factor to ensure balance and

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Why Do Men And Women Handle Stress Differently?

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from difficult circumstances. The release of stress hormones causes you to breathe faster as your heart races. The long-term effects of stress on the body can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as diabetes and obesity. How stress affects the body includes an impact

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What is the Difference Between Soul and Spirit

What is the Difference Between Soul and Spirit

Many people use the words spirit and soul interchangeably, and yet there is a difference between soul and spirit. Understanding the subtle but important distinction between these two will help you to develop spiritually and live by your authentic life purpose. The Engine and the Driver One way to perceive the difference between soul and spirit is to compare a

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Astral projection

What Is Astral Projection And How To Astral Project

What’s astral projection? Astral projection is defined as an out-of-body experience. Otherwise known as an OBE. This is something everyone experiences while dreaming, as the consciousness separates from the physical body. By doing this consciously, also known as lucid dreaming, we are able to travel independently from the body to different realms in the universe. See exactly what is astral

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Yin Yang

What Is Karma And How Does it Work?

What is Karma and how does it work? This frequently asked question can be fully answered when you understand the philosophy. The word Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word “Karman” and directly translated means act. Basically, this refers to the action taken in any given situation and the consequences resulting from this. Life-Affecting Karma As shown by physics, actions

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