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Who Am I, Why Am I, What Am I Really Looking For?

I have long pondered these very questions and although I have arrived at some elementary responses such as surviving in a harsh world and making a living, I always felt intuitively that there’s more, much more.

Like many people who are on the same quest, I have tried meditation, sound treatments embedded with all the latest technolgy, hypnosis and even regression but never really felt like those modalities gave me any conclusive evidence of a higher power. Occasionally, I would experience some form of deja vu or synchronicity but these glimpses of an alternate reality were so brief and fleeting, I would wonder if I just imagined them.

Throughout my search, I have read hundreds of books from some of the wisest men and women who have lived and shared their own experiences and they all agree that there is a higher power permeating all living things. Reading about it however and personally experiencing those same epiphanies are worlds apart.

Recently, I watched an older movie called Contact starring Jodie Foster. In this movie she is a scientist who has dedicated her life looking for signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence through radio signals from space. One day, she discovers that very thing and the signals are embedded with complete data on how to build a machine that can transport just one human across light years of space to meet with these intelligent aliens. After much deliberation and billions of dollars and one failed attempt, the earth’s governments finally send her on this voyage to the other side of the universe. Unfortunately, after all this money is spent and dozens of lives lost, the experiment lasted all of forty-three seconds and for all intents and purposes, appeared to be another failure. She, the scientist however argued that she had indeed traveled through wormholes to another galaxy, met with this intelligent force who portrayed itself as her deceased father and had been gone for a total of eighteen hours !

After intensive investigation and relentless questioning, the only evidence the governments  had was her personal testimony that she had traveled to the other side of the universe. The only thing she could  tell them was that we were not alone in this universe, that there were many intelligent civilizations out there. But the governments wanted tangible proof, something conclusive they could touch and were not convinced that she spoke the truth.

This is how I perceive the Ayahuasca experience would feel for me. No one can convey to you their personal experience or idea that God exist or that a Higher Power permeates everything. You have to experience it for yourself and when you do, no one will be able to convince you otherwise. I have read many personal testimonies from people just like you and me who experienced these retreats and  have experienced healing from depression, illnesses and addictions. They are healed from the inside out so to speak and there is no doubt they are healed. They know it for a fact. This healing has come from the most natural of plants in a very natural setting.  This type of healing is as natural as it comes and in my opinion should be shown the world over.

I hope to attend one of these retreats myself in the near future and be one of those blessed souls who can truly say , I am healed and I know it.

Author: Marcel Daoust

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