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Vision Board To Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality!

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Studies have shown that one of the most effective tools for bringing our greatest desires to light is through visualization. A great way to begin this process is through the use of a vision board. Vision boards force us to deeply examine what it is we want out of life, which in turn allows us to turn our focus towards what it is that truly matters to us.

Your brain is a powerful machine that will attract whatever it is that you focus on. Therefore, there is something very magical about consistently taking time to see yourself in that dream job, walking into that dream house, depositing that check, or what ever it may be in your case. We all hold the power to program our subconscious mind to send a very specific, personalized message to the Universe to attract whatever it is that we want to attract – cue the vision board!

A vision board is essentially a creative platform that holds very specific, descriptive images of your dreams, your goals, and your desires. It does not matter how big, how small, how short term or how long term. What does matter, however, is that the things you would like to attain are believable for you. You can visualize yourself winning the lottery until you are blue in the face, but if no part of you believes this will ever happen, even on just a subconscious level, this will never manifest itself into your reality.

Now, once this component has been established, you are going to acquire all the visual images. It is key that these images are precisely specific to exactly what it is that you are asking for. Once all these images are acquired, you can now put your board together and make a hand-written list describing each item. For example, if I am dreaming of a new car, in my journal I am writing down, “I am grateful for my brand-new white Volkswagen Golf.” You are going to journal each desire through an expression of gratitude (one of the highest-vibrational emotions!).

So, you have your images, you have your list, and now comes the fun part – the visualization. What makes this visualization so magical and powerful is that simultaneously, you are going to be feeling how you would feel when you have attained these items and achieved your goals. When you are in this high frequency, holding this high vibration, that is the energy that you are putting out into the Universe. Through this high vibrational energy, the Universe has no choice but to reflect what you are feeling inside back to you in your outer world. Since our mind is the most impressionable when we wake up in the morning and right before we go to bed at night, it is wise to put your vision board somewhere visible to you from your bed.

It is easy to worry and rush the process when you are not getting what it is that you desire immediately. If you want this to work, you need to put complete faith in the Universe to know that it will come to you in due time. You must trust that everything is happening exactly how it is supposed to, and that everything is always working out best case scenario. It is key to not question the process, and to not obsess over not having what it is that you are calling in. In focusing on that, you are quite literally pushing your desire away from you. Your thoughts create your reality, so when focusing on not having it yet, you are continuously not going to have it. This obsessiveness even carries over to when you do attain your desires. We are not meant to be attached to things – we must recognize that we are always whole, complete, and fulfilled EXACTLY as we are. Nothing outside of ourselves can ever bring us the happiness and the joy that we all naturally hold within.

It is always wise to start with a small desire, so that you can build up your belief system. Then slowly over time, the more faith that you can put into the Universe, the bigger your dreams and goals can get. Holding a true knowingness that what you have asked for is coming to you, without obsessing over the request, and without questioning the timing is your formula to success. Visualize it, feel it, let it go, and let the Universe work its magic. It is as simple as that!

Mirabel Bainwohl
Author: Mirabel Bainwohl

Hi! My name is Mirabel and I am 21 years old. For a very long time I had been living my life for other people, and completely lost myself throughout the process. I endured a series of hardships, but refused to own them by placing blame outside of myself. I am now coming to truly understand how every single thing in our life happens for us, not to us. I also recognize that we hold all the power within ourselves to change and create a new reality if we are not happy. I am currently on the road of deep inner healing in order to retrieve my Soul and get back to my authentic self. I do this not only for myself, but to help heal others as well!

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