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The Use of Ayahuasca to Expand Mind and Consciousness

The body is an empty vessel that the All Knowing and All Loving Conscious Energy seeks to permeate to use to experience itself.

Our 5 senses enable us (It) to experience the world and life around us, but it is the 6th sense of Intuition that connects us to the unseen force of the Great I Am, and enables us (It) to remember who we truly are and why we are living this thing called life.

We are, as the Universe is, pure energy, which means we can tune into any frequency we desire, love/hate, fear/truth, and we are able to choose (if we are aware and conscious) the state of being and the life we want, regardless of the life situation we are in.

Consciousness is imprinted into our DNA, we are made from the same chemical properties of the Universe, the outer is the inner.

As Jesus said, ‘We are created in the image and likeness of God.’

This can be interpreted that our very essence, our life force, our DNA is composed of the same chemical makeup that the universe (God) is made up from and our DNA is encoded with the essence of the life force (God) itself.

The spiraling helix of our DNA encompasses the same properties that the basic building blocks of life reveal themselves in, the perfect geometry of nature, the Sri Yantra, how life itself can be coded with exact mathematical precision.

By connecting through our intuition to the greatness of Universal Intelligence (through meditation, mind expansion-Ahayuasca, open pineal gland) our bodies become vessels that are enabled to heal and strengthen themselves, to be able to answer any questions or difficulties we have and are able to fully experience all the goodness that life has to offer.

By being aware that looking after our bodies is not only about looking and feeling great, but the main priority being to allow the Life Force to flow more freely.

Our well-being is highly reliant on a strong lymphatic system, which is closely connected to the invisible 7 point chakra system.

These unseen, vibrating energy vortices need to be kept unblocked to allow the Life Force to flow freely.  They can be influenced by the mind/body connection which can demonstrate how subconscious fears and negative life experiences can have an impact to the area of the body where that particular emotion is held.

If this flow becomes blocked at a certain chakra point it can be revealed by symptoms of illness and disease.

This is why it is essential to listen to your own body, understand how a particular ache or stress can be related to what you are thinking, how acupressure and all Eastern medicinal practices are now being recognised for the importance they can make to our well-being and health.

Respect the importance of all the chakra points (especially the Pineal Gland/Third Eye) using meditation, yoga, diet and clean living as ways to expand the awareness and conscious energy needed to keep all these points open.

Attempt to have an Eastern mindset in a Western world and explore the alternative stories/theories that the media, government, big pharma, mainstream education, corporations, convenience foods (dairy, meat, sugar and fluoride) are selling to us.

I am happy to live a life like a hippy, a new age thinker, a Jesus, a Buddha, a Shaolin Monk. They all serve the basic principles needed for an eternal spirit to experience being human.

Be pure in mind and body (vegan diet/meditate), love yourself, be open minded, live and let live, be simple, be empty, treat everything as you would like to be treated, be kind, be patient and understand that love is the greatest energy there is.

Live in peace and love within yourself and this will be reflected in the world around you.

It really does begin with the Man in the Mirror.

I am passionate to continue my journey of self discovery through the use of Ahayuasca.

Author: Lisa Martin

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