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I think of consciousness as a big infinitely  layered  sphere, a big perfect wholeness, with a capacity which is always growing, of which we are a part of.

Each fractal, strand or piece of this sphere has a meaning, a purpose within it’s reality, it’s layer. Like a seed which has a purpose to grow and become what it is. A purpose, to reach its potential by following its path. When it does this, an inertia is gathered creating a flow of current that can help and lead others to reach their goal of expansion to unity. With growing number of completed pathways the capacity of the sphere grows, expands and accelerates. Whatever it is that the purpose of each thought, thing or being is, it needs to be unwavering like a still sign wave, to be realised and make the strongest impact on the whole. This concept sheds some light on our dimensional structure. At this consciousness layer, time is a necessary building block of reality, because matter is a part of consciousness. It takes time and other forces within this field for creation to manifest. This also gives insight on the theory of instant manifestation at higher densities.

Whatever your belief is, I think we can all agree that our existence even from perspective of science is magical, it is potentially perfect. When we as conduits of creation expand our own capacity we become aware and open to other conduits, and it is natural for us to cooperate, to synchronize and strengthen growth. When we understand that all has meaning and separation is only a perception which is essential for our realm, we realise that everything is in place to teach us in some way. The saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” resonates to me in a way that everything is a teacher, and when we are ready to listen and be open, we can learn from a rock, a butterfly, the ocean, each other. The more perspectives we understand the more we see the bigger picture, our awareness grows and we comprehend more colors of the spectrum.

With that being said, I think the most important part of our existence is to reunite with our purpose, to find or follow a path that is of most benefit to all. This allows us to focus and use the forces within our reality for optimal growth and potential. I believe that we are at a cycle where we can consciously encourage our selves to develop and harness our skills to succeed in our grand mission. Like a farmer that harnesses a crop we should harness each others abilities which we can use as sculptors of creation.

I am a human being like you, limited by my perception and realized by my awareness. Straightening my path by focusing my intent. I choose to accept and be open to the teachings of mother nature, and to utilise tools she provides us. One of these powerful tools is Ayahuasca. I humbly accept its ability to hold my hand and help me in peeking through our collective realities layers, to remember who I am and inevitably be of service to it all. I believe I am ready to accept it’s teachings, I am a devoted pupil relentless for my realization. I am on a path to increase my capacity by letting go of what no longer serves me and my purpose, and become who I truly am.

Author: Karolis (Karl) Osinskas

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