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Please Show Me the Way Home, Divine Mother Ayahuasca!

The First Noble Truth in Buddhism is that all life is suffering, pain, and misery. It is impossible to find any humans who haven’t experienced any suffering, pain and misery in their lives. The issue is not about who has a better or worse life than others. The real issue is what we are going to do with our experiences?

My journey for healing leads me step by step on the path towards spiritual awakening. I have read many spiritual books, practiced yoga, meditation, mantra-chanting … During my spiritual expansion process, my broken heart started to scar and heal along with my old normal self-system slowly dissolving and a new model of High Self starting to emerge. It was at this point, I responded to the calling of Divine Mother Ayahuasca.   

Ayahuasca has been known as a very powerful sacred plant medicine which removes the veils of multiple dimensions of our existence. Knowing that I had never had any kind of psychedelics experience, people warned me, “We must all go through a hell before we can reach the source of our Truth.” I prayed, “Divine Mother Ayahuasca, I know that only Love is real, and the hell is just our ego-mind created delusion. Here I am, surrendering myself completely to you. Please take me through the hell if it is necessary to give me a new birth, a new life! I am willing to face anything to go through the transformation!”

All the ayahuasca ceremonies turned out to be amazingly pleasant, healing, revealing and filled with divine Love. I guess that my complete trusting and surrendering mindset made the hell disappear!

The first two ceremonies were focusing on my physical healing and purification. It was revealed to me that my lower back pain was caused by the strain of carrying a big sack of impurities at my abdominal area. After the loving treatment totally beyond the physical dimension, my back pain was gone, and my body became much lighter than ever before.

It was revealed to me that I am not the mother to only one son, I am the mother to All. I was shown a pulley with two gears high above me. Many of my relatives and friends showed up one by one. After I went through the procedure of appreciating each one of them, surrendering myself completely at their feet, and offering my service to them with a loving heart, the pulley lifted me up to a higher level. The clunking sound of the gears moving supported by the enthusiastic cheering and laughter, I felt the boundless divine Love beyond words. My heart was filled with gratitude.

It was also revealed to me that I had been chained by the two roles I had been playing in this life time: the role of a traditional Chinese woman and the role of a modern Chinese woman. I spent some time to twist and turn my body, trying hard to break the chains. I want to be FREE!

I believe that I broke the chains around me. The indescribable bright light covered my entire body and beyond. I was in blissful stillness – where the Buddhists call it Nirvana, the Christians call it the kingdom of God, and I called it Square One at the ceremony. I come from that Square One and I am in that Square One all the time – no birth, no death!

Thank you so much, Divine Mother Ayahuasca for the amazing healing, wonderful purification and miraculous awakening! It is so comforting to go through what those ancient scriptures and awakened teachers’ words as a personal experience of my own.

Now it is very clear to me that this physical realm and this little physical me including the suffering, the pain, and the misery are nothing but our ego-mind created illusions. My heart is yearning towards going back to my true divine Self – permanently. I would love to go back for more Ayahuasca ceremonies whenever the opportunity arises. The guidance from the Divine Mother Ayahuasca certainly helps keeping my feet firmly grounded on the path of soul evolution. Please show me the way home, Divine Mother Ayahuasca!

Author: Jing Ding

I am a retired teacher in Canada and I originally came from China. Born into a family of two political prisoners (father and grandfather), and going through three years of Starvation and ten years of Cultural Revolution while growing up certainly opened my eyes to see man-made sufferings at both individual and collective levels. Our salvation relies on how willingly we are as human species to return to our original True state of consciousness: we are all One pure source Creation and we are nothing but that pure Love!  I believe that the Divine Mother Ayahuasca can show us the way! 

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