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My Meeting with Ayahuasca

Feel an urge to heal your inner self from issues hampering your ability to navigate through life effectively? I did. I began to unintentionally stumble across testimonies from individuals who used Ayahuasca to expand their consciousness. Once I realized this was my souls intention and not an accident I began consciously researching the meaning of Ayahuasca.  I discovered it is a mixture of sacred plants that Shamans source within the Amazon through a rigorous process and then boil those plants to form a brew which is given to participants within what is termed a Ceremony, the brew is known to detox the soul of illusory states of awareness so one can finally encounter the true self.  The Ceremony I took part in was organised by a school who facilitate the use of Ayahuasca without the presence of a Shaman.

So here we go, I arrive and enter a large building at 5 PM, I usher myself to the top floor where my Ayahuasca Retreat is being held.  A blown up mattress with a bucket at the bedside is provided for all 28 participants. 6 PM arrives and the first Ceremony begins, the facilitator hands me a small cup of Ayahuasca and I ingest it after a short pause, I then get the urge to lay down, I don’t feel anything at this point until 15 minutes later when a cloud of nausea rains over me which forces me to sit up and vomit in a way that I had never done so in my life. I had not eaten much food prior to the Ceremony so I gathered that I was releasing something more than undigested food, I intuitively feel that an enormous amount of dark energy within my spirit was being flushed from the inner depths of my soul. Now I feel slightly dizzy and begin to relax when suddenly a strange sensation creeps into my awareness, I realize that an entity or some outer dimensional force is scanning my aura for defects and somehow re-balances my energy field. From this point onward more bizarre but infinitely interesting things begin to happen, I now feel that a force from outside of my consciousness is drilling into my mind so as to pull it out of the narrow field of vision it was trapped in. At this point a huge spiritual presence surrounded my being and uttered in a loud voice, LET GO, this continued until I completely surrendered control over my mental faculties. Whoosh I was then catapulted into higher levels of myself able to perceive higher dimensions with an immense feeling of joy and inner bliss, I then looked around the retreat room and noticed a girl in front of me, at this point something was incredibly different about my eyesight, I could literally see a bright white light surrounding her body which I intuitively perceived as her Aura or energy field. My ability to feel the energy of others in the environment was dramatically enhanced from this point onward, I could sense who I should stay away from and who I connected with more rapidly than I would normally be able to in everyday life, there was no confusion or inner chatter about whether I am making the right decision, I was unified within.  When I closed my eyes I could see geometric shapes, a range of entities celebrating within the sphere of my awareness, I had no idea what this was all about. I do know that I had been deceived by society into believing that the mind must remain in one state of consciousness termed as normal in order to be a healthy citizen. Well quite the opposite is true because it is under a deeper state of awareness that Ayahuasca reveals to you that you really feel the glory of your own inner greatness and all of your natural senses are heightened.

In the past I sampled Psychotherapy to gain a deeper understanding of internal issues and discover why I was depressed, I uncovered an enormous amount of information concerning the root of my problems. Only to learn that talking about my issues is simply the first step to healing. I had to experience deeper healing and detox my soul from all the clutter and confusion I was experiencing,  I was really sad inside and I wanted to change this constant state of inner misery. Ayahuasca provided the  clarity that I so needed and taught me that I did not trust myself which is why I was making so many mistakes in life.

Author: Anthony Brown

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