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Should I Live in Nature or in the City?

Interest for personal development and re-connection with nature is more than ever on the rise. Now almost everyone has tried at least one yoga course, meditation, pilates… this healthy way of life is omnipresent on the internet and you can find organic shops almost everywhere.
Why most of us can not decide between living in the nature or in the city?
It sounds like living in the city is a Stockholm syndrome..

Most of us at some point, felt this need to disconnect from the city and take some time out and off grid for a while. The luckiest do it, but after a few months, feel the need of outside motivations. It seems that we are never happy with what we have, always looking for  happiness. But what is happiness?

In cities we live against time. The feeling we have is that we are overwhelmed, we never have time to finish things and let alone not have time for ourselves. Having a daily routine for our personal development (meditation, sport, reading..) seems to be less and less possible, and we spend most of our time on the net, even without noticing it!

The main reason why we need to cut from the city is the feeling of tiredness, sleeping problems, stress, enhanced by work. But why is it a general feeling, felt by so many of us right now ?
A recent study shows that the earth magnetism is getting higher and higher. The earth is reacting to our energy and we are reacting to the earth’s energy, it is an endless circle. Also the daily vibrations we have from all of the technologies increase this phenomenon. And then this energy from the mass embraces the main feeling we all have. So it can be the reason why we are looking forward to escape to nature.

So at some point we start needing to go back to what real life is, and take some time to recharge our energy. When we stand in nature, we enjoy ourselves. We feel happier, with more energy, more relaxed and we do things we don’t do in cities. Reading, cooking, doing nothing (yes it’s still possible), breathing etc. But for those who did that before, after a few months, especially if we are isolated, we feel the need of meeting people, doing activities, like what we used to to.

Also an important point that we used to forget is nobody can survive without being with others. If at birth, babies are isolated, without any human taking care of them, they will die. A lot of our personality comes from interacting with other persons. From our birth, the people we met, made what we are today. And our future encounters will make what we are going to be.

So that’s why the most of us who are isolated for some time, have this missing human interactions.

The happiness can be everywhere, in the city but also in nature! Paradise does not exist, there is not the best spot to live, paradise is what you do and what you think, it’s in your mind!

If someone prefers to find their balance between both, or realizes that they are more into city or nature, that’s the solution. The solution would be to follow our feelings and do what we want to do. And the most important is to listen what our mind and what our body needs!

Author: Elsa Kostic

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