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Life, Death, and The Afterlife

The world “afterlife” is a strange concept. Because it suggests there is existence after life is over. But I see it differently… I see life as eternal. We think of life as something expressed through space-time, but life, itself, is eternal by default. Therefore there is no death, there is only life.

We don’t truly have life, instead eternal life has us! This eternal life grants us these momentary bubbles of existence in space-time. Only when we shed our ego and realize that we have always existed and always will, only then can we let go of our assumptions and acknowledge the truth — that our infinitely short “life span” is the opposite of eternity, and death is not what we thought it was.

If you like, you can calculate the mathematics of space-time, and, if you are a skilled mathematician, you will discover that space-time cannot actually exist! However, as creatures of ego and survival, our thought processes are shaped by fear, and therefore our ignorance is to be expected.

Imagine for a moment, things on the cellular level. Cells divide from one cell into two. Now there are two individual cells, and the original cell no longer exists… or does it? It did not die. It was one, then it became two, then four cells, then eight cells, sixteen, thirty-two, etc. The preceding cells did not die, they simply had an identity for a brief moment, and then adopted a new identity. The life that was allowing the first cell to exist, this life never stopped.

See, it is all about our point of view. And the ego often prevents us from seeing from another perspective. We are all just like these little cells. We put so much importance on self, until we are practically blind to what we actually are. Just as the individual cells of our body all live together and form our functioning bodies, so do we humans all live together on this planet and form a bigger life force. And, we multiply too.

To the individual cells, life must be a simple existence. No concept of seconds and minutes. And frankly, they do not have the processing power to comprehend such things… and why should they? They are perfect just as they are. Skin cells make up our skin, stomach cells come together to form the stomach, and all of our cells and organs come together to make our physical bodies.

The individual cell has instincts and impulses that are unique to its purpose. So do all the plants and animals (including humanity). Wouldn’t it be neat if the individual cell had eyes and ears to see and hear?

Humans are really cool animals. We are currently the dominant species on planet earth. We are the apex predator, and rulers of this world. We do not have thick armored skin, massive bones and muscles, sharp claws, or monstrous teeth. Instead we have more thought processing ability. Lol, we have a superior hard drive.

There is neither death nor afterlife. There is only the one original spark of energy, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the life force that has no beginning and no end. Space-time is the illusion. Everything… past, present, and future… and all the infinity of space… it is all one. It is whole, and it is single. From black holes to big bangs.

Let me just say it plainly…
If you identify as a human, you will certainly die and life will continue.
But if you learn to identify as the one single life force that is, at the same time, everything and nothing… if you learn to see from this perspective, then you will never stop being.

Written by Bama Beverly for the Ayahuasca Awareness Program
Bama Beverly was born and raised in, and is a current resident of the Alabama Gulf Coast, in the southeastern U.S. He is the second born with four other siblings, and maintains his status as the quiet one in the family. He served his country in the U.S. Navy at seventeen years old, which allowed him to see a bit of the world in a short amount of time. While in the navy, he became a first time father, and ultimately a father of five. He owns a small lawn care business, and he loves animals. He enjoys the solitude of hunting and fishing, where he can ponder the secrets of the universe.

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