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They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun

When I first heard about ayahuasca I was at a young age of sixteen struggling to find myself. I discover the documentary of Jan Kounen – Others Worlds – that left me voiceless. I perceived a new way to communicate by opening the heart to connect with your emotions, this unknown wordless language. I felt bathed in a ocean of pure understanding, pure serenity as it all made sense. I knew since then that ayahuasca would be one of the keys to unlock the doors of my perception. My dearest wish to encounter this culture has been growing more and more inside of me and reach its empire heights when a few years later I discover ‘El abrazo Del serpiente’. A meeting of two completely different world. In the center of this polarity there is the notion of identity, the discovery of our animal strength, our inner dance. This movie has shaken me straight to my bones. It was a breakthrough. It awakened a profound desire to dive into my deepest fears, unlock my potential and to better understand the world we live in.

Whatever the struggle is, inner borders have been built up over the years. A consequence of unconscious conditioning created by religion, society, education and family. Our environment has shaping us to fit into molds. The self-ego created by years of conditioning take us away from our real and pure self. More we are waiting harder would be to heal our unconscious mind. So now is the time to change.

The path of freedom may not be the easiest way. Many self questioning, doubt and obstacles will obscure the process. But these hardships would reinforce our alchemist power: to transform darkness into gold, to transform our sufferings into liberating learning.

Ayahuasca is a power tool to go deeper into the inner and outer world. It takes you to travel through your psyche, to be conscious about your boundaries. We all have ghost memories that shape our lives. That confine real power to heal and live in harmony. A better understanding is essential if we want to awaken of our blindness. Earth abounds plenty of magical gifts to give us this desire to change the world.

There is a sense of quiet, of confidence to know that the keys are within us. And that your guidance can help me through the door.
I feel that my creative power is now just waiting to be unveiled. My feelings got stronger when I met my second half, Constantin. We are both guided by the same desire. To heal ourselves and our surroundings. Since that time I knew deep in my being that pure and unconditional love is the answer for all physical and mental sufferings.

For those who dream of a better self better world they have to rebirth in a completely different one.

Author: Laure Kostic
I like defining myself as a free-minded spirit diving by an endless curiosity to discover the abyss of human being. 

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