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Drink Pure Water for Spiritual Enlightenment

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The Pine Cone has been a symbol of enlightenment for thousands of years. Dating back to ancient Sumeria, we see pine cone symbolism in the annunaki artwork. In Catholicism, we see the pope walking around with a staff with a pine cone on top. The largest statue at the Vatican is a GIANT pine cone in the main open-air courtyard. In Buddhism, Buddha is wearing a pine cone hat. Looking at the medical symbol, also known as the caduceus or ‘Staff of Hermes’, we see two snakes (representative of the ida & pingala nadis [feminine & masculine energy]) meeting at the top. In some depictions the two snakes meet at a pine cone. Others it’s simply a ball shape.

What’s up with the occult pine cone symbolism?

The pine cone is symbolic of our pineal gland found in the middle of our brain. In ancient Egypt, the hieroglyphics show the ‘Eye of Ra’ and ‘Eye of Horus’, which both depict the pineal gland. In Sanatana Dharma, also known as Hinduism or Yoga, the ajna chakra or 3rd eye brow chakra relates to the pineal gland. This is why yogis and yoginis wear a bindi on their forehead. In actuality, the ajna chakra or spiritual eye is found at the top of the spine behind the head at the medulla oblongata.

How do the pine cone symbolism and pineal gland relate to drinking pure water for spiritual enlightenment?

Pure water helps remove inorganic minerals from our bodies. Specifically, it helps flush away fluoride attached to our pineal glands thus leading to spiritual enlightenment. Now, I do NOT claim to be a doctor. I am a yogi. I do what feels natural to me. I encourage you to do your own research and not simply take my word for it.

What is pure water?

Pure water is rain water or distilled water. It as a reading of 0 ppm using a TDS meter. That means there’s absolutely nothing in the water. Sometimes the TDS will show a reading of 1 or 2 ppm, but it’s still essentially pure water compared to all of the other alternatives.

How can you get pure water?

Collect rain water. Buy 1 gallon plastic jugs from the grocery store, which I do not recommend because it’s not economical and the plastic particles seep into the water. Or, buy a distiller machine to make your own PURE WATER. I do not recommend using the distiller I show in my video. It’s okay. I’ve used a better one in the past.

Ozonation is great because it brings LIFE back to our water. No longer stagnant. Water that is still will eventually become dead.

Is drinking PURE WATER safe?

In my humble opinion, yes. However, do your own research. You’ll find two main arguments:

1. No Minerals
2. Strips the Body of Minerals

For the first argument, yes, there are no minerals, but that’s not a bad thing. I do not want anything in my water. I want PURE WATER! Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. Pure H2O! ? And, my body receives plenty of essential minerals from the organic vegetables, fruits, seeds, & nuts I consume!

For the second argument, yes, pure water does strip the body of minerals, but that’s only a half-truth. Half-way there! What’s the other half? Pure water strips the body of INORGANIC minerals. Minerals that are foreign to our body. The minerals & substances we do not want, such as: fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, traces of prescription pills & birth control. Yes, city drinking water has been found to include those minerals & substances.

Drink PURE DISTILLED WATER for great health! ✌️


What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water?
Distilled Water: Is removing the minerals good?
Author: Tim Portner

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