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Divine Love

From the time we’re born, there really is no time. Our ego is created in childhood, we create a separation between you and me. With ego comes a mentality of scarcity, competition and therefore worry. I heard on a Sunday sermon that worry in the mind is like shoveling smoke, unproductive, and with that, the scripture from the Bible was cited, and paraphrasing it, we are not able to add one hour to our life whether we worry or not. 
We are empty space really, transparent, for that is when the light can shine through our being. With our minds we create concepts, judgement and resistance to what is, that is when we add opaque layers to the see through glass vessel we are. The light is there, as if waiting to pass through, it waits with open arms, it’s as relaxing and easy as floating in a pool of warm water looking up at the bright blue sky. 
Let go of the pain that binds you, relinquish your story, for that’s gone. Now is eternity, the now, that you are infinite and loved beyond measure. 
When your mind tells you that you are on the wrong path, relax, and inquire your guides, the universe will respond, it will show you how to walk in the light of your truth. 
Child, I could kiss your forehead now and give you a warm embrace, for that is who we are, that is home. 
As Eckhart Tolle describes, ego drives conflict. Pain bodies feed off of drama, which is conflict based in stories, mere mental concepts. There is a space within yourself where light can shine though, the light of consciousness, that is awareness. 
You can be aware in every moment, fully present, following the path of light, and there feeling connectedness to the higher intelligence, which we are all an expression of. 
This intelligence and beauty can be seen when your eyes are open and you allow the present moment to be. 
As you grow and glow day by day, the possibilities are infinite as we are. Miracles occur in succession, it’s the synchronicity coming in. 
Each journey is individual, and yet we are all woven together, as if the universe is a giant tapestry. 
Your journey is so personal, yet impacting on everyone around you. To thine own self be true, by authenticity in walking in the light, you may impact and inspire in ways unbeknown to you. Through people, things and places we can see sanctity. Perhaps it’s a book that may shift the way you see life, a moment in time when you’re alone in your room and have a profound realization, a song that speaks to your soul. There are so many ways to learn and so many ways to teach. 
As Wayne Dyer explained, Divine love doesn’t change, we can choose that love. We can see ourselves in everything, we are one. We are love. 
We have the magnificent opportunity to choose love right here right now, again and again. What beauty would flow from that? When we follow our calling of love, we are a sanctuary for other beings to be reminded that love is home. We can reflect that, by choice. I find relinquishing my story and mental concepts allows for grace to enter, my beautiful friend Aaleyah’s definition of grace is meeting someone where they’re at. I will meet myself where I’m at, I will meet all of you where you’re at, with compassion and Divine love.

Author: Agustina Rodriguez
“I live in Portland, Oregon with my  two children. I was born in Uruguay and raised in a secular religion, I decided to step out of that religion at 18 years of age. I considered myself atheist for a period of time.
After defining myself as religious and non religious after that I found that being connected to the higher power is not about religion. 
I practice kindness and compassion every day, I believe in a higher power and have experienced many miracles since I opened my heart to what the universe has to offer.”

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