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Demystifying Meditation

Demystifying MeditationMany college students decide to go to Graduate School. I was not one of them.

After my graduation in May of 2015, I noticed a deep inner resistance whenever I researched Graduate Schools. At this point in time, I did not consciously know much about “following intuition” and “listening to the soul’s soft whispers.” Confused, and left to wonder: “What the *%&^ do I do now?” ~ All I knew was that my heart was crying out for something different, something unique; something I had never experienced before. Fast forward a couple months, and I am getting FroYo with one of my best friends from said college. She told me about her spiritual journey and mentioned that she had recently heard about a Spiritual Yoga Retreat in the tropics, (in that instant, I knew I was going). While there, I was introduced to meditation, yoga, and pranayama (breath work), to name a few topics.

What I’d like to focus on is my experience of meditation. Each morning and each night we had a ~30-minute meditation practice that we were responsible for attending. This style of meditation was very monastic. We were told to sit up straight, focus on our heart center or third eye center and remain silent for the rest of time. For three months straight, I’d beat myself up whenever I had “too many thoughts,” which conveniently happened to be just about every day. I can recall one or two sessions where my brain entered an entirely unique state of consciousness- one that I had never experienced before. I thought something was wrong with me because I did not know how to “meditate properly,” yet these couple of times where my mind went blank and I felt this different wave of energy within me was exactly when I knew there was something more to this practice.

I wish I knew back then what I know now- that the style of meditation affects your ability to succeed in said meditation.

Fast forward a year and a half, I was synchronistically led to sign up for a Masterclass called Meditation for Super Performance by Emily Fletcher. She is one of the leading Meditation experts to date and I will share what I’ve learned thus far in my less-than-one-week discovery of her teachings. To start, she approaches meditation in a down-to-earth manner. Emily has created a whole new framework to work with when discussing meditation. Different styles of meditation affect people differently and there are brain scans to prove this. Another way to look at this phenomenon is beautifully explained in this quote. Einstein is rumored to have said: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  When the meditation style matches your lifestyle, you “unleash latent human abilities within you,” as Vishen Lakhiani says in the aforementioned masterclass, on the Mindvalley platform.

Emily teaches meditation as the “most effective stress-relief tool” applied to the modern world lifestyle…as is, full of thoughts and full of life. She explains that by “de-exciting” the nervous system, we are able to let go in deeper, more meaningful ways. We are able to give our bodies a “time out” to catch up on very important and necessary healing. Furthermore, she touches on the idea that meditation has nothing to do with stopping your mind from thinking.

One of the most important myths she explains and debunks in her “zivaMIND“ video is “I should be able to stop my mind.” She carries on to say “No one can do that. The mind thinks involuntarily just like the heart beats involuntarily. Stopping is not the point of meditation, the point is to give your body deep rest so you can give your body the chance to let go of stress [and thus] you can perform at the top of your game.

One of my favorite recurring lines from her videos is: “We don’t meditate to get good at meditation, we meditate to get good at life.”

How do we do this? Well, Emily informs her audience of this valuable piece of neuroscience intel. There is a bridge between your left hemisphere of the brain and your right hemisphere of the brain: it is called the Corpus Callosum. Emily perfectly describes this as “The bridge between your critical mind that likes to rehearse the past and future and your creative mind that likes to think about the present moment.” The more you meditate, the more this part of your brain develops and thickens, allowing for a stronger connection with your calm inner-center. 

Imagine that the world was caving in around you, and you do not bat an eye. Not due to lack of sensitivity, but rather due to an enlarged scope of awareness that gives you “backstage access,” to the Universe’s shenanigans.

In short, meditating allows you to access your Genius self. It allows you to be the best version of yourself when it matters most- when it counts towards your divine fulfillment (which is every moment, by the way).

It allows you to tap into the feeling of bliss at will. You supercharge your body with endorphins (+other happy chemicals), which allow you to grasp a state of happiness at will.

When you devote time to meditation, 

you are partaking in one of the most important self-care rituals. 

In turn, you are an upgraded version of yourself- every. single. day. 

Ready to Power On. 

Download bliss into your life and watch the (Meditation) Magic unfold. 

Namaste, and be well friends.

Thank you.

If you are interested in learning more about Emily Fletcher
and her life changing Meditation tactics, follow the link below.

Sindi NuneAuthor: Sindi Nune

Sindi’s life was altered by the simple request to “write it all down.” This habit allowed her to decompress in a way that provided her with real-time access to freedom. It did not provide instantaneous freedom from her problems, but it inevitably provided solutions for how to get started. Soon enough, the gems of wisdom found in pages worth of notes presented ways to free herself from suffering, pain, tension and much more. Writing things down meant getting important and unimportant things off her chest, in order for her to think more clearly and live more fearlessly. Writing things down meant she had the opportunity to build a relationship with her heart, mind, body, and soul. Writing things down meant she could pin the beast of illusion to the page, freeing her hands to catch her dreams. Feel free to email her at

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