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DEEPLY ROOTED: Connecting With the Healing Power of Trees


Ever since I was a kid, I have had this great affinity towards trees. These tall, branchy, mysterious creatures are always present in our lives, but often go overlooked. I had no idea back then what a marvelous impact they would have on me in the future.

Have you ever wondered what a tree stands for or what it symbolizes? Have you ever hugged a tree or allowed yourself to connect to one? Have you ever been healed by a tree? If you answered no to any of these questions, keep reading and enter the magical gateway to trees.


We have all heard the scientific necessity of trees one way or another. They produce the oxygen that we breathe, reduce erosion, cleanse carbon dioxide from the air, provide a home for wildlife…the list goes on and on; But have you ever taken the opportunity to connect with a tree and its benefits personally?

Historically, trees have been revered across many cultures through spiritual and sacred ceremony for their magic and divinity. As the wisdom keepers of Mother Earth, trees produce a vibration that pulses patience, grounding energy, and healing. The grounding effect helps to anchor you on Earth to spark the feeling of stability, safety, and security.


How can you use this energy to heal?

1. Choose the right tree. Allow your spirit to be guided to the right location or tree for this process. Don’t question or doubt yourself. Go with whatever feels right for you.

2. Begin by introducing yourself to the tree. Allow the tree to introduce itself to you. By doing this, you are establishing an energetic relationship with the tree. You are creating a silent communion to open the space for healing and a mutual symbiotic relationship.

Be open and respectful to the tree. You may feel that the tree does not want to communicate. That’s okay. This specific tree may know what’s best for you. Remember they are linked to the Earth’s wisdom. Don’t be discouraged. If this happens, go back to Step 1 and allow your spirit to guide you again.

3. Set your intentions. Be clear on what you want to create during this process. Communicate that with the tree and within your being. Remember to provide space for ebb and flow, give and take for this connection.


4. Create a deeper connection by touching the tree. Think of this as a handshake, a greeting. This helps the introduction between the both of you.

Here are some options:

  • Sit or lay under the tree
  • Place your hands on the tree
  • Hug the tree
  • Hold a leaf or branch in your hand

You are not limited by these options. Whatever you feel inspired to do is perfect. Remember not to hurt or litter the tree.

5. Be present and silent. Use this time to listen. Use this time to commune. Use this time to heal. Breathe in the fresh and oxygenated air. Just relax and enjoy the process. Be in the moment. This is all part of the healing process. Allow your spirit to be guided. Allow the grounding energy to support you.

6. If you feel inspired to, jot down some thoughts or ideas that come out of this experience. Record what you feet, sense, and experience.


Whenever I feel out of sorts, I look to these magical creatures for my alignment. It has been pure magic in my life. I pray that you feel an inspiration from them as well. Everyone’s experience will be different. Notice the emotions that are arising within you during this process. You may experience a subtle, silent whisper or a profound shift. It is all in divine perfection. Allow the tree to guide you. Notice any resisting sensations that arise. Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you. Remember that this is a relationship and building connections are supported by consistency. Enjoy!

Sherida Zaffrullah
Author: Sherida Zaffrullah
IG: Deeply_rootedinspirations
YT: Deeply Rooted Inspirations

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