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Why the plant?

What brings me here?

I feel like these past years have been a long process. 

It gives me vertigo when I look into how my body, my habits and thoughts have changed since 2014.

It started when my mother got sick and many feelings rose. Little by little taking me away from drinking and partying to numb myself, I took tiny steps to get to know myself. I started to question my surroundings. To be a better person for my mum, who was sick, and for myself. 

Loosing her and learning to let go was the strongest spiritual moment of my life.

These experiences have molded me. I decided to spend more time taking care of my body, through yoga and sports. Also by eating in a more respectful way, for myself and the planet. Since then I became a cook, and feel great on this path to being more independent and mostly, more connected to my life and what surrounds me. I want to be able to understand my body better, and have the most energy, for myself and others.

Also, this past year and previous years I took time, read and traveled to understand my mind and spirit better. To see how my emotions arise, where they come from and how they control my actions and thoughts. 

I went to meditate in Thailand and have been spending lots of time in Asia to dig into this philosophy – to know myself. That has been mainly forgotten in the western world.

Several readings (Siddartha, the Alchemist, How to Change Your Mind…) have led me through this train of thought.

The more I search, the more unknown parts appear to me. Sometimes I still wake up holding heavy melancholy. Not knowing where it comes from. Why it burdens me like this. A podcast I recently listened to by Stephane Alix and his recall of Ayahuasca therapy really amazed me. He saw someone else’s soul in his body, someone else’s death burdening him. But the most important to me, was how he got out of the experience. 

With the strong will and belief he could and should cure himself.

I share this belief. We have it in ourselves to discover everything within us. I’m sure the plan can show us and give us access to deep knowledge, deep shared knowledge, through all living beings. This opportunity I hope, when properly guided and integrated, can unfold so much in a person. To know how and why we act, think, fear certain things is the first step to get better. Then follows action. 

Gnothi Seauton was the prerequisite of good life and happiness in ancient Greece, thank you for giving me the opportunity to broaden my consciousness.

Author: Constantin Pliard
A cook from France, looking to make the world more delicious.

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