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Calling of the Mother

I hear sweetness in the winds you whisper and cleansing rage within in your storms. The boundaries, between sacred waters running through your rivers and blood in the name of joy travelling my veins, vanish.

Arisen bliss smelling your roses reminds me of how unity once was celebrated, and unconditional love was shared. My vessel abundantly nourished by the fruits of your marriage with father sun and electrified by compassion is now prepared. Trustfully I step into my darkness to follow your calling.

You shine healing light upon my bleeding wounds forcing me to allow their existence, to sit and listen, to surrender and embrace, to cry and crumble, to forgive and heal. My breath is your language of truth, guiding me through all my layers where I find those fear filled eyes of a child being rejected, where I encounter this starving body of a young goddess punishing herself for her unique beauty and creative expression.

Oh mother, Mother of all mothers, let me heal in your light, let me bleed my pain out to water my seeds for as when they can start to grow out of the ashes, their flower shall form a phoenix ready to rise and carry light into the hearts of those who are seeking love to recover from ages of fear and destruction.

Mother I need you, just as you need me. As above so below. I hear you.

(Intro: Calling of the Mother, by Florence Wittlin 18.12.2017).


I feel that the collective reality of the world we live in, on the planet we live on, is in confusion and wants to find peace. The answer seems simple. In spiritual communities for example we often hear “All is one and whole.” Or “We are love and always loved. “Therefore, we are led to believe that love is the be all and end all solution and I agree BUT:

For one to understand and really feel this truth we must start by bringing us back together in every sense. Back to our breath, back to our ability to feel our bodies, back to each other, back to nature, back our Mother, back to life.

Once we consciously observe and discover that in several of our realities emotions like pain, fear, sadness and/ or frustration had been or are being rejected and masked with superficial “positivity”, we may start to realize fragments of the so called “whole” and begin to lift our veil of ignorance. This is where love comes into place. If we lovingly, compassionately approach these shadow-fragments and recognize them as valid parts of wholeness aiming to embrace and reintegrate them, we heal.

This healing may result in gaining inner clarity, blossoming self-love and confidence, feeling inner bliss rising and often massive improvements of our physical health. Our healing leads to the healing of our relationships with others, the environment and affects energies and vibrations further than most of us can imagine.

Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth holds space for our healing to happen if we let her and although she selflessly keeps providing us her abundance and wisdom, she is calling us children to rediscover our oneness with her and heal, as for she finally will be able to heal as well.

Author: Florence Wittlin 18.12.2017

When I incarnated onto this planet almost 28 human years ago, I have been given the name «Florence» which comes from «blossoming» and/or «bloom». Living my being through several phases of pupation, evolvement, total collapses and ascension, I am more than ever trusting and growing into my soul-purpose of being a healer. Whether it is through Asana or Meditation classes I teach, massages I give, the food I serve, group coaching I contribute or my poetry – the more I get to heal and connect with others the brighter and lighter I feel.

Mama Ayahuasca is calling me since more than 2 human years and I feel that now the «time» has come to receive her wise teachings and support. Being aware of my inner fragments – my pain body, my wounded inner child – I am ready to lay myself into her mighty arms and surrender to her truth and love.

May all beings be happy and free and may our thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to this liberation.

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