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Be The Change

I began my spiritual journey quite young and always felt connected to something more, something within. I was once told if you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember anything, you can concentrate on looking forwards instead of over your shoulder. This resonated with me! The world is made up of vibrations, frequency and light and if you begin to tune in to this you begin to notice the subtle differences between a truth and a lie.

Growing up I was extremely sensitive, emotional, I wore my heart on my sleeve. I began to read newspapers, watch the newsto try and fit in but these sources of information filled me with fear, insecurities and mind numbing distractions. I stopped subjecting myself to those vibrations in my thirties and it’s something my soul has thanked me for but it took me a while. It was hard to break away from the social demands and it’s need for conformity. For me cannabis, meditation and reiki have been my saviours in this harsh social environment and have opened my mind, freed my soul and helped me to question what I’ve been told, to think for myself and listen to the messages I receive. I feel fortunate in my life to have been born into the family I was born into,in the time that I was born. I have a lot to be grateful for so why do I carry around a discontent, an unhappiness for humanity and an dissatisfaction of self?

I believe that Our ability to be self sufficient is being stripped from us generation after generation. We don’t grow our own food anymore and are reliant on others to provide our basic requirements. Our time is rushed, family life and it’s values are watered down and a need for more leaves us unsatisfied. Our society is run by an elite. A top 1% who govern and monopolise the earth’s resources. Stripping her of her assets for money,control and power! We are kept distracted by advertising technology and consumerism. The media will have you believing the world is in peril and that we are separate from the other inhabitants living on Earth but they lie. The world is a beautiful wondrous place full of good people who want the same thing. Peace!

How do we achieve this, how do we stop the Dis-ease? How does humanity fight the parasites intent on taking over their host? I don’t know yet but I search for the answer!

What I do know is that ultimately we are responsible for ourselves. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world and hope that others follow. Don’t believe all that you read and see on the news, do some research, ask questions and listen to the frequency they emit. Fill your soul with goodness and get out in nature as that’s the one frequency that we should tune in to. It’s our birthright! Peace, Love and light.

Author:  Leigh Bellem

My soul is as old as time and a result of all my ancestors. I’m 37,  i live by the coast in a beautiful part of the South east of England  I’m married with 2 children, who although challenge me daily also bring about an awareness and presence of being to my life. They have certainly taught me a great deal about myself!
In my youth i trained as a holistic therapist and a reiki practitioner but now teach British sign language and personalise boxes using pyrography – but I still use the reiki daily to assist my spiritual being.
I love being out in nature, tuning in to its healing frequency and connecting to the source. My journey is a spiritual one.
I am awake!

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