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Ayahuasca and the many benefits

After four years of intense healing, activations and spiritual discovery, I am now seeking to experience ayahuasca. I decided to take this journey to ayahuasca because I feel it would be a major upgrade in terms of my consciousness healing and becoming completely one with myself. During my childhood I experienced numerous traumas and spiritual experiences. Like most people I went on with my life feeling like those situations were over and I can now create a better life for myself and children. I felt like no one will hurt me again.This was so far from the truth little did I know.

Here’s what I didn’t know That once you are abused in certain ways or experience certain traumas ;parts of your soul literally break off to separate you from the experience. It is a way the mind and soul protects you.What happens also is once broke off or you leave your body to process the hurts and pain.Not only can those pieces be accessed by others.You the broken you can start imprinting yourself with so many distortions.For example:”it’s all your fault”or ‘you could have did this or that”,Some of these imprints will go in a loop like a scratch record  replaying  over and over.Hence the ripple effect in one’s life.Where you feel like you are on a hamster wheel in certain or all specs of one’s life.

Until those parts of you are recovered and integrated back into your soul you will continue to struggle with being whole.

So why ayahuasca?Well ayahuasca is a mix of ancient herbs brewed as a tea usually given under supervision of a shaman.It allows you to fully get out the way of your consciousness to help you confront and meet your inner self.It helps you to journey within without the conscious mind in the mix so you can go where you need.This experience helps to get to the core of you inner and outer struggle.It is highly recommended to have several of these treatments in a safe,controlled and supervised environment.The aftermath of such a powerful spiritual inner journey for most is a renewed spirit with an expanded consciousness and for some great healing.You see it allows the mind to release its limitations on what we have be programmed to see and believe.Many people who suffer from Ptsd and depression have found success at eliminating these issues all together.

 I have greatly advanced in terms of my spiritual,mental and physical well being with the work I have.However,This new experience will be another level of great spiritual discovery and not only taking back my power but also reconnect me with my true divine self.

Author: Paula Samuel

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