What to do after your Ayahuasca Journey?

After your ayahuasca retreat, we suggest that you allow yourself some time to integrate and slowly re-engage with the everyday life.


Retreat participants have the option of extending their stay here at the center or booking a hotel or pousada in Itacare. TheVine Center is located on the Cacao coast, a vibrant and diverse part of Brazil with many ideal attractions for visitors to enjoy nature and local culture including fresh foods and traditional cuisines.

If you have chosen to partake in the ayahuasca tea ceremonies during the retreat, the tranquility at TheVine Center is  a great place for some extra time for relaxation and integration of your experiences.

Combining the quiet location of TheVine Center  with the small and colourful town of Itacaré makes an ideal extended stay for participants.

Activities to do after your Ayahuasca experience

We are located a short drive away from the best beaches, waterfalls and the restaurants and shops of the Itacare town.


You may also like to rent a car and get some surfing lessons at one of the local beaches, five minutes driving from our center, or just lie in the sun with a good book. There are many nature walks through the jungles or along the coastlines. The local town, Itacaré is at the mouth of a large river that flows through thick jungle and it’s easy to hire a local guide and a canoe for trips up the river to cacao farms, waterfalls and native restaurants. Other attractions are the local capoeira schools (where you can get lessons with experienced teachers in town) and Whale watching (from June to October).

If you will want to stay here after the retreat we need to know in advance, please talk to us about your options for stays and activities after your retreat.