Where Are We?


Itacaré is a small town located on the south coast of Bahia state, just 150 miles from Salvador.

Originally Itacare was a fisherman’s town. The first visit makes it seem like many other small coastal towns, but dig deeper and you'll find a multi-layered microcosm of everything that makes this world a beautiful place. White sandy beaches, pure, un-adulterated nature, gorgeous people, delectable food, tranquility, and most importantly, sunshine and awesome waves.

Whether body surfing in the warm ocean water, riding a barrel, or practicing yoga on the beach, Itacaré attracts adventure seekers, eco-enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike. Rent a canoe and take a bath in the waterfall in Conta River, scuba dive in Marau, surf in Engenhoca beach (five minutes driving from our center).

Stop by the artisans in Itacare and buy some presents. Dine at one of the many eateries serving local and international cuisine. After dinner and before dessert, stop by the "Jungle" to watch capoira and perhaps even participate. Dance with people from all over the world on the cobble-stoned streets. Itacaré is quite during the day but after the sun sets, the streets start to come alive.

At least once before you return home, try the typical Bahian speciality called Acaraje and Moqueca. Drink an Açai smoothie or a Cacao honey.

For more information visit Itacare.com

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